Puzzle #25: Either-Or Nurikabe


This is an Either-Or Nurikabe puzzle.

The rules for Nurikabe can be found here: Rules Page

In this Nurikabe puzzle, each white region will contain exactly two numbers. The size of the region will be one of these numbers; the other one has no relevance.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle #25: Either-Or Nurikabe

  1. Very good puzzle, haven’t seen this variation before. The Either-Or really pulls the rug from under your feet.

    Have you tried Araf Nurikabe? It occurred to me while I solved this one that that variation could potentially be a lot of fun too.


    • I haven’t tried Araf nurikabe, but it’s definitely something I’ll take a look at. Glad you enjoyed it! It was a pretty difficult type do make, which is probably why it hasn’t been done much. I tried making another with some different intended logic and it didn’t want to work at all; it’s hard to narrow down the possibilities.


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