Puzzle #49: Liar Yajisan-Kazusan


This is a Liar Yajisan-Kazusan puzzle.

The rules for Yajisan-Kazusan can be found here: Rules page

In addition to the usual rules of Yajisan-Kazusan, one clue in every row and every column is mislabelled. If this clue is unshaded, then it does not point to the number of black squares indicated. If it is shaded, then it provides no information.


This was the first puzzle I ever created. Wanting to create this variant was what got me into creating puzzles in the first place; I hope you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Puzzle #49: Liar Yajisan-Kazusan

  1. That was awesome. “A puzzle type about lying clues, but with even more lying clues” is a daunting premise, but the logic was really smooth.


  2. That was very difficult for me. Layering the Liar variation on top of a type that has liar clues to begin with makes it very tough to get a foothold. I started with gur guerr-mreb-bar va gur ybjre evtug, gura jnaqrerq nobhg gur gjb yrsgzbfg pbyhzaf hagvy V svtherq bhg gung gur gjb va gur ebj jvgu gur guerr mrebf vf n yvne, naq vg jrag ba fzbbguyl sebz gurer. A very satisfying solve, with every step hard-won.

    Great puzzle and amazing that it was your first one. Thank you for sharing it.


    • Thank you! It’s always nice to see that people’s solving paths match up with what I intended. I find Liar puzzles are really conducive to having linear solving paths.

      Good luck with puzzle 50, if you choose to attempt it!


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