Puzzle #50: Cipher Liar Yajisan-Kazusan


This is a Cipher Liar Yajisan-Kazusan.

The rules for Yajisan-Kazusan can be found here: Rules page

In addition to the usual rules of Yajisan-Kazusan, one clue in every row and every column is mislabelled. If this clue is unshaded, then it does not point to the number of black squares indicated. If it is shaded, then it provides no information.

In addition, each number has been replaced by a letter. Different letters refer to different numbers.


Happy 50th puzzle! Here’s a simple one to celebrate.


8 thoughts on “Puzzle #50: Cipher Liar Yajisan-Kazusan

  1. Oh wow. And I thought 49 was tough. Silly me.

    Battled this one for over an hour and a half until every last square was resolved, and that was after I built up to it by solving 48 and 49 first. A uniformly hard and satisfying solve. Doesn’t feel similar to 48 and 49 at all, and the original type and both variations interact very closely throughout the solution.

    (There appears to be one spot where you can skip several steps by meta-logic: hayrff gur ybjre yrsg N vf na hafunqrq gehgu-gryyre, gurer vf ab jnl gung gur Nf pna or qrpvcurerq havdhryl. However, this being a special puzzle, I played fair and proved uniqueness.)

    Given that Yajisan-Kazusan is itself a liar-like type, that makes for three separate layers of obfuscation. I’ve never seen a puzzle with that many, and I’ve only seen one with two apart from your 48 and 49. So, that’s sort of a record-breaker.

    Exceptional puzzle. Thank you.


    • In reference to the metalogic, I could imagine doing a cipher puzzle with more than the maximum letters, where one of the logical steps involves blanking all of one of them out, with that number being undetermined. I’m not sure it’s necessary for all numbers to be uniquely determined for this type, it’s just that most types with ciphered clues obviously have to be. I certainly did aim for it here though, so the logic would have worked.

      Thank you very much! I’m really happy with this one. I briefly fiddled with adding a fourth layer of obfuscation, by adding an off-by-one constraint, but that didn’t go too far. Maybe someday you can look forward to that!


  2. Okay, so, I’ve solved all of your Yajisan-Kazusan puzzles, both vanilla and variations. (I’m counting the final GMP puzzle as a Statue Park variation, though.)

    After Puzzles 48-50, I expected all of the others to look trivial to me in comparison. That certainly wasn’t the case, though they did feel easier.

    The one that gave me the most trouble was the No 2×2 variation over at GMP. It took me unreasonably long to realize that gur ybjre-yrsg bar naq gur hccre-yrsg guerr pnaabg crnprshyyl pbrkvfg, and it went on smoothly from there. Great puzzle with a pretty layout, a large open space forced entirely by the variation, and tight logic.

    Second place in terms of difficulty goes to Puzzle 27, again because of a very tight solving path.

    The 15×15 was easier than I expected, though still enjoyable, and the patterned puzzles were all sweet to solve.

    Would love to see more of your Yajisan-Kazusan variations. You mention Off-by-One; that sounds like it could make for some good puzzles on its own, and certainly there are multitudes of other variations to explore.


    • Thank you very much!

      I actually got incredibly lucky when constructing the no 2×2. I had placed all the outside clues assuming that I would have to place a clue or two somewhere else, and then it solved itself, and in an interesting way. It might be my favourite puzzle in terms of the construction of it.

      I have a few more variations to post. I’ll do my best to get them up in a reasonable period of time, but that’s difficult when I have so many puzzles I want to post.


  3. What a beast. I put this one off for long time. When I finally got around to solving, it was not as hard as I had feared, but still tough. Very nice logic to be found from start to finish. The most impressive thing for me was how difficulty was always more or less equal. That was not a puzzle where you find a bottleneck and everything falls apart.
    Thanks for your hard work!


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