Puzzle #61: Coprime Fillomino

GCD Fillomino1.png

This is a Coprime Fillomino puzzle.

The rules for Fillomino can be found here: Rules page

In addition to the usual rules for Fillomino, adjacent regions may not share a common factor. The number one is forbidden in this puzzle.



4 thoughts on “Puzzle #61: Coprime Fillomino

  1. This is a very original variation. Good counterpoint to Monday’s puzzle, smooth solve, and again a very nice finish. Thanks!
    Fillomino (together with its variations) is my favourite puzzle type. I’m pretty excited about Friday!


  2. Nice idea and execution! I think two numbers that do not share a factor are called coprime. That might be a fitting name for this variant, too. I hope to see more of these in the future 🙂


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