Puzzle #62: Anti-Even-Odd Fillomino

Even-Odd Fillomino1

This is an Anti-Even-Odd Fillomino puzzle.

The rules for Fillomino can be found here: Rules page

In addition to the usual rules for Fillomino, even-sized regions may not touch, and odd-sized regions may not touch.


3 thoughts on “Puzzle #62: Anti-Even-Odd Fillomino

  1. You were right, this one was awesome fun to solve. The logic is driven entirely by the variation, so it feels refreshingly different from vanilla Fillomino. Thank you!
    I love how you do themed weeks like 15-17, 33-35, and 48-50 where each puzzle builds on the previous ones. Here, Monday set the theme, Wednesday elaborated on it, and Friday uncompromisingly dialed it up to eleven.


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