Puzzle #85: Off by One Yajisan-Kazusan

Off by One Yajisan-Kazusan1.png

This is an Off by One Yajisan-Kazusan.

The rules for Yajisan-Kazusan can be found here: Rules page

In addition to the usual rules for Yajisan-Kazusan, every unshaded number is incorrect. They should be one higher or one lower than the written number.


One thought on “Puzzle #85: Off by One Yajisan-Kazusan

  1. Excellent puzzle, thank you.
    I particularly liked gur hfr bs cnevgl, as well as gur zhygvcyr fcbgf jurer lbh arrq gb znxr qrqhpgvbaf onfrq ba gur rkvfgrapr bs n oynpx mvtmnt rira gubhtu lbh pnaabg lrg gryy juvpu bar (bhg bs gjb cbffvoyr zveebe vzntrf) oynpx mvtmnt gung vf.
    Looking forward to another YK toughie on Friday!


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