No new puzzles this week.

Hello everyone,

I’m taking a week off from posting puzzles for Christmas. Thanks everyone for solving my puzzles, and there will be more in the New Year!



Posts at GMPuzzles

So that people don’t have to search through any archives, here are links to the puzzles that were posted at GMPuzzles.


Nurikabe (large)


Nurikabe (Yajisan-Kazusan)

Yajisan-Kazusan (No 2×2)

Statue Park (Yajisan-Kazusan)

These are some of my favourite puzzles, so I hope people enjoyed them!

Puzzle news

I’m having a full week of puzzles published at Grandmaster Puzzles this week! I’m very excited because it’s one of the blogs that helped get me into puzzle construction. I’ll still be publishing my usual three puzzles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so that’s nine puzzles from me in total this week.

I’d like to give a big welcome to everyone new who has come to my blog! Feel free to comment or make requests for puzzles types or variations you want me to make.