Taking a break

Hello everyone!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted puzzles recently. I’ve decided to take a break from posting puzzles for a bit. Thanks everyone who has solved my puzzles so far; you’ve really made this blog worth it. I’ll be sure to come back for you!



Puzzle #185: Liar Yajisan-Kazusan

Liar Yajisan-Kazusan4.png

This is a Liar Yajisan-Kazusan puzzle.

The rules for Yajisan-Kazusan can be found here: Rules page

In addition to the usual rules of Yajisan-Kazusan, one clue in every row and every column is mislabelled. If this clue is unshaded, then it does not point to the number of black squares indicated. If it is shaded, then it provides no information.