Puzzle #22: Liar Fillomino


This is a Liar Fillomino puzzle.

The rules for Fillomino can be found here: Rules Page

In addition to the usual rules of Fillomino, one clue in every row and column has been mislabelled. The number is not the size of the polyomino that contains it.



5 thoughts on “Puzzle #22: Liar Fillomino

    • The puzzle is correct, and it has been successfully solved before. The upper right corner is definitely the reason that I filed this one in the “Hardest” category!

      Feel free to post an image or ROT13 logic if you’re still having trouble.


      • Thanks for your reply, i looked at it again today, and realized that due to my small notes, i had miscopied the 4 in the upper right corner as a 9 not once, but twice. What is the probability for that 😀 I finally managed to get through this, even though it was hellishly difficult and my eraser shrank by a significant amount during the solve. Fun nontheless!


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